Calling All Love Warriors!

Welcome to The Self-Love Experience

Group Coaching Circle

“You are beautiful as you are. Too many times we think we need to fix our body size or shape just as we would fix some problem we have. Our bodies are not projects. They don’t need fixing.”

– Teresa Schmitz, Body Acceptance Coach and Fellow Self-Love Warrior

Ready to stop obsessing over your body and start offering yourself the self-love and compassion you deeply crave?

The Self-Love Experience is a 4-week group coaching program for women who are ready to begin their journey towards increased self-love and compassion.

During this 4 week program you will:

  • Gain a sense of community with other fellow self-love warriors (you will realize that you are not alone)
  • Realize the importance of mindfulness and how incorporating it into your life will change your life
  • Identify the Inner Critic (aka The Judge) messages that have unconsciously become your beliefs
  • Learn why empathy (vs criticism) is an important element to healing your relationship with yourself, your body, and others
  • Determine what self-care means for you and its importance to your overall well-being
  • Start appreciating your body for what it does, not what it looks like
  • Start feeling like you are WORTHY. Because you are!
  • Identify the values that drive you and how they are/are not serving you
  • Prioritize your own needs by setting healthy boundaries
  • Move your body for joy rather than for punishment

Meet Your Coach:

Hi, I’m Teresa Schmitz, a Body Acceptance Coach specializing in helping women reclaim their happiness by saying yes to showing up authentically and loving themselves unconditionally no matter their size. I was first teased about my body at the young age of eleven on the elementary school playground. I was participating in a track and field day, when the boys teased me about my blossoming chest. From that point on, I thought my body was a project that needed fixing, so I started my first diet about a year later. As an adult, I became a chronic dieter, even seeking out a doctor who would prescribe an appetite suppressant to help me lose the weight “for good.” I was so obsessed with losing weight that I didn’t think anything about having my impressionable teenage daughter capture photos of me with my weekly weigh-in weight (I don’t recommend this as this sends the wrong message to your daughter). At my lowest weight, I was still not happy with my body or myself. I still had low self-esteem, little confidence and equated my worth with my size. I overcompensated my lack of feeling worthy and my unhappiness by further diving into my career. At least I’m “successful” there is what I thought. I didn’t take care of my own needs and I rarely set boundaries. Everyone and everything else came first.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at midlife. I have since recovered and healed my relationship with body and food. Through that process, I realized that so many women struggle with body image issues (even those without an eating disorder) that I pursued a coaching certification program so that I could give back what I was gifted during my recovery process.

I have been on a self-love journey for nearly four years. I am extremely passionate about helping other women find freedom and happiness by rediscovering their own beauty without changing their bodies. No one should have to feel like their body needs to be changed to fit in with societal standards of beauty. We are all uniquely created by God and being at war with our bodies is not going to make us happier. Healing your relationship with your body will allow for a general sense of peace and happiness that you have not felt before. You can enjoy life at your size by letting go of the struggle of trying to fix your body.

I am truly enjoying life, and thriving, at my size and want to see other women feel the same way!

This circle IS for you if:

  • You are looking for a group of fellow self-love warriors
  • You are ready to start treating your body with the respect it deserves
  • You know that body shaming is not helping and are ready to do things differently
  • You are ready to stop treating your body like a project that needs fixing
  • You are ready to offer yourself compassion, love and empathy like you do so freely to your best friend
  • You are ready to challenge old beliefs about diets, your body and your weight
  • You are ready to start LIVING your life and THRIVING like never before!

This circle is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for another diet or extreme exercise program to change your body
  • You are unwilling to challenge your old beliefs about your body, yourself, your weight, and dieting
  • You are looking for all the answers and unwilling to put in the inner “work”
Still not convinced? Watch this short video on what IS possible when you go on a self-love journey:


Q: What is the cost of this program?

A: $149 USD

Q: How often do we meet?

A: Weekly for 4 consecutive weeks

Q: How long do we meet?

A: Each week we meet for 90 minutes from 6:30 – 8:00 pm Central Time

Q: How big is the group?

A: The group will be no larger than six participants and one coach

Q: When will we start?

A: We will start on Thursday, June 17 and run four consecutive sessions until our last session on Thursday, July 8

Q: What method will we use to meet?

A: We will use Zoom to conduct our weekly sessions

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