What People Are Saying

“Teresa established rapport very well. She demonstrated an interest that made me feel heard and cared about. She inspired me to pursue my goals and brought me greater clarity and understanding.”


“Teresa knew how to get to the heart quickly; she helped sort things out and put me into action. She knew what to ask and at the right time for processing to get to the point.  I was very thankful for her kind, caring, and easy to talk to manner. She is an amazing and encouraging safe-haven. Coaching with Teresa was a great experience and I plan to use her masterful coaching services again.  Teresa is awesome and a true blessing.”


“I started coaching with Teresa in November 2019. Since I started coaching, Teresa has given me the tools to help me as I navigate on my journey. She’s helped me problem solve, navigate the challenges that can arise, talk through what is and isn’t working and determine the steps I need to take in order to make it happen!
Because of coaching I have learned to make myself a priority and be able to say “no” to things that are not going to fill my cup. Teresa is the reason I feel confident I will be able to achieve my big audacious career goals. She has helped me make a plan and what my next five years might look like. 
Coaching has been the best decision I have made. It fills my cup each month. If you are thinking about coaching I would highly recommend checking out Teresa. She is wonderful to work with, caring and very knowledgeable!”


Teresa is an extremely conscientious and compassionate coach.  She consistently provides a warm, trusting space to explore beyond your ‘comfort zone’.  Teresa further reaffirms a high level of respect, care, and confidentiality in every session.  In a group coaching dynamic, I’ve witnessed her display graceful leadership, and clearly summarize others’ perspectives with sensitivity and insight.  She sets the right tone to allow for deeper sharing and connection.  I would jump at the chance to work with Teresa in both a one-on-one and a group setting.