Quiet Your Inner Critic &

Set Yourself Free!

We all have an inner critic, a Judge, who criticizes us, our circumstances and the people around us.  He’s harsh.  He’s the one who tells you that you are no good, that your body is no good, and that you must change to be lovable.

This Judge operates with a cast of nine other characters, called Saboteurs, who take your strengths and use them against you.  The Judge convinces you that you are not worthy at your size and works diligently with the Saboteurs to keep you believing this lie.  Your Judge keeps you in the big loop of shame, with no way out. These characters are the reason you struggle with loving yourself unconditionally.

The good news is that on the flip side, we all have an inner core self, our Sage, who is our true authentic self who knows and believes we are worthy just as we are.  Your Sage may simply be a whisper right now as the Judge and Saboteurs are so loud and you simply don’t have the tools to quiet your loud Judge and Saboteurs. Until NOW!

The key that stands between you and body acceptance is quieting your inner critic and his cast of characters and developing new thought patterns that come from your Sage, rather than your Saboteurs.  Developing mental muscles will allow you to develop a new pathway towards new thoughts about yourself, your circumstances and those around you.  Added benefits of developing your mental muscles are that you will feel less stressed, your relationships will improve, and your performance will increase.

After participating in the program myself, I was formally trained by Shirzad Chamine, CEO at Positive Intelligence®, on the PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) Operating System and the game-changing PQ Program .  Having been formally trained by Shirzad and being an active member of the PQ Coach Program, I can offer this program to my clients as part of my coaching practice.

In my 12 week PQ program, I offer clients the 6 week PQ program, which includes access to the PQ app, the daily exercises, and all of the weekly videos directly from Shirzad himself, a weekly pod meeting with other coaching clients completing the program, and three 1:1 private coaching sessions.

How Loud is Your Inner Critic and His Cast of Characters?

Still not convinced?  Here is what some previous PQ Program participants have said about the changes they saw in themselves, and the program itself, after working with me:

“I’m much more aware of my saboteurs and have made active attempts to bring my sage to the fore front. This makes me generally a bit less anxious and stressed. I breathe before I tackle tough issues.”

“My self-compassion changed because my understanding changed, and that was so powerful!”

“I feel I have more empathy towards myself”

“I really enjoyed this opportunity. My self-discovery over these last weeks was so powerful and will be long lasting. I am grateful for Teresa and this course.”

“This program has forced me to develop myself in ways I haven’t imagined before. You take ownership and responsibility in what you get out of this program by how much you put into it. I have learned when I am slipping into my Saboteur mode with negative emotions and mindset, and I have been able to pull myself out of those negative feelings and into a positive Sage mood much quicker than before. Working within a Pod, or completing this course with a friend, helps with accountability when your Saboteurs take over and you lack motivation. Your peers can help pick you up and push you to continue growing yourself alongside of them. While taking this course I was able to apply my learnings immediately and could see a shift in mindset almost instantly. I highly recommend taking this course if you are looking at improving your point of view on life at both work and at home.”

“I took this course without much background information regarding Saboteurs and Sage. What a great opportunity for myself to realize what is going on in my mind, how to allow it, listen to it, and then work around it. Personally it moved me towards self-compassion for myself, and also a huge amount of self-discovery. I have always enjoyed learning the ‘reasons why’ in life, and this was very powerful for me. I am able to transfer this incredible knowledge personally and professionally moving forward. This new found knowledge will not only help me, but will also help me deal with others. I am truly grateful for this course and highly recommend it to anyone!”

“This program opened my eyes on how judgmental I was, and how I reacted to those judgement, including myself. I have been working on that, and only one of the Saboteurs. I feel this has changed my outlook towards others, including family and others. I also loved the quiet PQ reps led by Shirzad, as they tended to focus me and take a break from things in which the Saboteurs were showing through.”

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