How Trying To Be Perfect is Holding You Back

Standing up a website for my coaching practice has been on a list of to-do’s for a while and blogging has been a pipe dream of mine for so long. When I have time, when I have enough to say, when I have my first client, when I have…. The list of “when I’s” went on and on. It turns out, I was the one holding myself back. I did not need to wait for all those conditions to align with the stars. And in fact, if I was honest with myself, most of them had already come true, yet I was busy trying to find another “when I” statement to add to the list. My dreams were slipping away right before my own eyes. And then….I just did it. I hit “Publish.”

Once I hit “Publish,” my site was public – out in the world of cyberspace somewhere. Anyone could find my site. Not long after publishing, the “what if’s” started buzzing in my mind now that the “when I” statements had been put to rest with the click of the publish button. “What if someone does not like my site?” “What if no one contacts me?” “What if I don’t have the ‘right’ words to say?” These “what if” statements kept getting in the way of me seeing the endless possibilities this blog and website were giving me.

You know where these “when I” and “what if” statements come from? Perfectionism. Yeah, that’s right. The big old “P” word (the other “P” word we will talk about in a future blog is “Productivity”). If you strive for things to be perfect, rather than strive for good enough and continuous improvement, you are getting in your own way. Yes, that’s right. You are getting in the way of you and the fantastic person you can BE.

The world will not come to know you if you are waiting for the “when I” moments to happen or the “what if” statements to come true.

There is no such thing as perfect or perfect timing. You are wasting valuable time here on earth waiting for the perfect moment to live your best self yet.

What dreams have you been putting on hold, waiting for the perfect timing or perfect conditions, that would lead to endless possibilities if you hit “publish” yourself? Let’s brainstorm together and help you start moving forward to reaching your dreams and a life of thriving!

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