What’s tugging at your heart?

It’s been quiet in this space of my blog – I published the last one over 10 months ago in December 2021. Most likely, whatever “audience” or “following” I may have had here up to that point, has faded or vanished altogether. My old self would have beaten me up inside for that lack of “keeping at something.” My new self steps back and asks, ever so gently, why is it you have been away so long? What is keeping you from doing something you naturally love – writing?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

-Stephen R. Covey

The past nine months have been spent on things that are most important to me – family, friends, rest, rejuvenation, and bringing “my baby” (aka my memoir) to life and to the world (she is out there if you want to pick up your copy on Amazon today – both paperback and Kindle versions). These were my strategic priorities so to speak. And I am not ashamed of them. They were needed after powering through nearly 5 years of healing and recovering, and a little grieving too, of the old life and the old self that once was. I was still suffering from so much achieving and striving for accolades, that I needed to shift away from that in the past year too. I needed to honor what I was so easily coaching clients to do. I needed to set my priorities accordingly.

I’m glad I am offering myself a tremendous amount of self-love these days. Everyone needs it, because we are all taught that the way to achievement is all about beating ourselves up and allowing for no softening of the heart if you want to win. This no longer fits me. It no longer is something that I chase after or actively pursue. Sure, I like to achieve no differently than you or the next person next to you. Yet, my pursuit of achievements these days are more strategic in mind. They are not achievements at all costs – those that used to allow no time for down time, creative thinking time, rest, hobbies, relaxation, or even, sadly, celebration. Achievements in the past were to be celebrated for only brief moments as there were more achievements to go after as soon as the latest achievement ended its pomp and cirmcumstance. I now realize that those days no longer serve me and my best interests.

I am thankful I focused these last 9 months where I needed to. I have no regrets, even though my business has taken a hit because of it. My core and foundation is more centered now, and can allow for new strategic priorities as we entered into a new year soon.

As you look forward to the upcoming year, what do you want to strategically prioritize? Has there been a way of life you have been putting off for someday that you want to start prioritizing? Is there a skill you have always wanted to learn but have put on the back burner all these years? Is there a sense of calmness you want to create in your life that seems impossible right now? What is tugging at your heart that wants to be prioritized for this upcoming year? Let’s take some time to get the creative juices flowing together to determine what is coming forward for you. Without that awareness, your priorities will go to the wayside for yet another year. Let’s change that this year and work together to make your someday into today!

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