Your Body Can Make Wonderful Decisions

That’s right. Your body can make wonderful decisions. If you tune in to it and allow it to. You may have noticed that I’ve not posted a blog since August 31, the last full week before I had major surgery on September 9. Leading up to my surgery, I was a complete stress ball. Things I was coaching my clients through could have easily been things I would have benefitted sorting through with my coach too. Instead of making decisions with my body, I was letting my stress and anxiety drive the bus for my decisions.

My surgery was planned well in advance. I was having symptoms back in January. By April, it was determined that I needed to have surgery. By May, my surgery was set for September 9. Originally, I thought about all the things I could do towards my business during my recovery period. I wasn’t thinking about what my body would need. I’d place it on the back burner it seemed.

Then, the surgery came. It went well and I was released from the hospital on the same day. That was a good sign. Yet, a week later, I would develop an infection. And a week after that, my doctor would not authorize me to return to work. My body was not healed and I needed more time. I cried. Why does this always happen, I thought. I need to go back to work. Yet, my body was sending alert signals. It is not time, it said. You need more time to heal, it said further.

My doctor reminded me that I’d just had major surgery and not every body bounces back in the same amount of time. She put me on an additional three weeks of leave. This way, your body will heal and we won’t have to deal with prolonged healing or complications, she said.

When I left her office, I felt a lightness in my shoulders that I’d not felt in a very long time. That lightness said, it’s ok. You’ll get the rest you need and won’t have to make decisions based on anxiety that you’ll regret later. At the time, this lightness felt strange to me because having a longer leave meant I’d have to pass on an opportunity that came about right as I went out on leave. I would not be back in time to make it happen. I was devastated. I wanted this opportunity. And I couldn’t have it now.

I went home from my appointment and pouted for a bit before I realized this situation was actually a gift, even though the outcome was not what I wanted or expected. It was the first time my body showed up, gave me an alert, and I paid attention to what it was telling me. I did not try to force my body to align with the hyper-achiever thoughts that were going through my mind at the time. Too many times, I make decisions with my head that I regret later, because that head is in a space of anxiety and stress.

Ever since I listened to my body and allowed myself to come to terms with the outcome, I’ve realized how important it is to make decisions with your body. It truly knows the best answer. You just need to listen closely. For the remainder of my leave, I chose to focus on healing my body and nothing else. My body has responded nicely and now I’m back to work. I want to carry this forward as I see how good it feels when your decisions are aligned with your body.

How have you listened to your body? What gifts do you receive when you do? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Your Body Can Make Wonderful Decisions

  1. Hope your much-needed rest and recovery are going well! This may be a weird question, but do you have any advice for how to listen to your body when you’re healthy? Sorry but due to my strong immune system I’ve always been really out of tune with my body, always ignoring/undervalueing issues and assuming they’ll go away on their own. Also, any advice for how to love/care for people recovering from injury and surgery? Massive respect for what you’ve gone through!


    1. Thanks Grace for the well wishes and reaching out. Anyone, no matter what state of health they are at, can listen to their bodies. Try starting small – stopping a few times a day to notice what you feel in your body. What comes up for you when you do that? What do you feel? Keep trying and making note of what comes up for you. Another thing I do each day is to journal about how I am feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually. Tuning in once a day and then writing about it has been a game changer for me as of recent. It allows you to connect with your body at least once a day. Then, you can go over these once a week to review any themes, etc.

      If you’d like to work further with me, let’s connect for an initial discovery session.

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