What will you say when you look in the mirror?

A few months into my eating disorder recovery journey, I looked in the mirror and said, “I love you” and then I winked at myself. I journaled about that experience afterwards. I truly felt like a million dollars when I said that in the mirror. It was because I had always bashed my body when I looked in the mirror before. Sometimes I avoided the mirror. I’d cover my body when bathing in the tub. I was too ashamed of my body.

Then, I started offering myself an ounce of kindness like this every once in a while. It didn’t always stick. Some days, it was a bash fest for sure. Some days I avoided the mirror all together. And I never looked at myself naked in a mirror. Then one day I stood in front of the mirror naked and sobbed. I was so ashamed. Yet as I cried (the kind where snot rolls down your face along with the tears), I realized that I was actually crying because deep down, I knew there was a little girl in there who deserved to be loved.

It would take a lot of reframing of the stories I told myself in my head and when I look in the mirror. Your body responds to what you tell it. If you tell yourself that your body doesn’t deserve to be loved, your body will respond accordingly. Your soul kinda dies along with it.

I have days where I battle a bit with my body, yet I’ve come to know and believe that I am that same little girl who was once 7 years old and I deserve all the love that I so freely gave her back then. If you’re not comfortable in your own body yet, try reframing what you say and realize that you too have a 7 year old girl inside of you too ♥️

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