Prioritize You Before Stress Demands an Automatic Restart

Ever get the blue screen of death on your computer? I recently had that happen to me and thought how easily the message that appeared could be applied to our own lives – “your PC (body) ran into a problem and needs a restart.” When we get this blue screen of death on our computers, it forces us to instantly shut down and restart. There are no other options.

So let’s think about this and apply it to our own bodies. What problem will you run into if you don’t intentionally prioritize your own self care? Are you running on empty and feeling like you are about to shut down? Are you looking to please everyone else on Santa’s list this holiday season and you are no where on that list? Do you have more to-do’s than time in your day?

If you are not careful, running on empty will eventually lead to burnout and will leave you with no choice than to take care of yourself – probably longer than spending several minutes a day over the next month on self care and probably when you least expect it. I have had this happen to me so I know firsthand. My diagnosis of an eating disorder three years ago forced a significant restart of my approach to life. And it took me quite a while to heal and recover. I’m not saying you will have something that significant happen. It can be something like sudden headaches or increased anxiety. It’s your body’s subtle way of saying take care of me before I give you the blue screen of death.

What problem will cause you to hit pause and restart if you don’t intentionally prioritize yourself today? As we enter this last month of 2020, why not prioritize yourself for a few minutes each day? Take two minutes each at 9 am, 12 pm , 3 pm and 6 pm (or whatever cadence feels best for you) to check in with how you are feeling. Walk away from your desk. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And another. And another. Wiggles your toes so you can feel each of your ten toes individually. Wiggle them a bit more. Then rub your thumb and index finger together on one hand with such attention that you can feel the ridges of each finger rubbing against each other. Keep doing this for a bit. Then, bring your hands to your chest and say something loving to yourself. Take another deep breath. Let it all out with a sigh. Thank yourself for taking two minutes to get in touch with yourself. Open your eyes.

Would love to hear how this worked for you! It’s a practice that I try to do during the day myself and have seen significant changes. Let me know your experience in the comments below!

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