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“When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.”

– Kristin Neff

What will your life feel like when you say goodbye to the constant negative messages you send your body on a daily basis?

I have been partnering with women to change their lives since 2018. They say that they have become the best versions of themselves. Won’t you give yourself the best gift you can give yourself so that you too can become your best self yet?

1:1 Individual Coaching

For those who would like to partner individually and dive deeper into your body acceptance goals and aspirations, I offer 1:1 coaching services. We meet up to two times in a month and spend time on all things you! Schedule a free initial discovery call with my Calendly schedule below.

Group Coaching

For those who are looking for a sense of community around body acceptance and self love, I offer group coaching sessions for groups of no more than 6. This allows us to have time for all participants. Visit the info page on the 12 week Mental Fitness program or fill out the form below expressing your interest in group coaching in the future.

Public Speaking

I share my story on body acceptance and overcoming an eating disorder at mid-life with groups. Take a listen to a portion of my recovery story on The Emily Program’s podcast Peace Meal here.

I also speak about:

  • overcoming significant hurdles at mid-life so as to become who you were meant to be
  • the importance of self care (the art of putting on our own oxygen masks first)
  • defining success on your own terms to increase your happiness
  • developing a positive mindset by focusing on your mental fitness
  • empathy – the key to building a lasting relationship with yourself and others

If you’d like for me to be a guest on your podcast or speak to any group between 10 and 250, I am open to discussing those opportunities as well. Please fill out the form below.

“Teresa has given me the tools to help me as I navigate on my journey. She’s helped me problem solve, navigate the challenges that can arise, talk through what is and isn’t working and determine the steps I need to take in order to make it happen!
Because of coaching I have learned to make myself a priority and be able to say “no” to things that are not going to fill my cup. Teresa is the reason I feel confident I will be able to achieve my big audacious goals.  
Coaching has been the best decision I have made. It fills my cup each month”


Let’s make something beautiful together.

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